What watches I wear ramble

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What watches I wear ramble

Post by koimaster » March 9th 2020, 9:09am

I was looking at the watch boxes over the weekend and figured which ones I wear and which ones I still like. The Zodiac Deep Reef I purchased from foghorn is my summer time favorite even after 10 years.



G-Shocks are my go to for working around the house. or just a throw on to go out shopping.


My timex exhibition probably gets as much time being worn as do the G-Shocks for just grabbing a watch to put on when I do not care what I have on the wrist or just want something simple.

Find that several of my dress watches do not get enough wrist time but I am loath to sell them off for some reason. Seldom wear the Stowa Prodiver or Seatimes I have anymore. They just sit there waiting for a moment when I decide to look their way again.


My only Revue Thommen sits in a watch box, unworn since last year.
I wish I could find another of these one day


What is a WIS to do?


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