Watch Movements : We Can See Right Through You

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Watch Movements : We Can See Right Through You

Post by koimaster » February 13th 2020, 9:31am

he importance of transparency

Microbrands and established brands take note – free advice from a watch enthusiast and collector!

We get it!!


I get it, you are immensely proud to have created your very own watch brand. You are an entrepreneur, you might have lived out of your car and slept on the office floor for months. You invested your own money, sweat and energy to build this brand. You WANT to call your watch movement that you purchase from a reputed Swiss movement manufacturer the way YOU want, after all it’s in your watch. It’s made to your requirements. You think to yourself – look at Lotus Sportscars – undeniably brilliant, a micro-car brand. They use Toyota V6 engines that usually live in Camrys – of course they are “tuned” differently…so? ... nsparency/


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