Understanding mechanical movements

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Understanding mechanical movements

Post by koimaster » January 16th 2020, 9:28am

Borrowed from Altair and the Breitling source https://breitlingsource.com/phpBB2/view ... =6&t=65178

This video presentation is very good to start off with, not so much the narative but the excellent slide that has the parts layed out in an easy to grasp fashion:

This is an old documentary, fantasticaly made! It contains giant models of the components, as well as old school American TV narative. Back when American TV was great! Still extremely relevant to today:

This documentary is by this point redundant, but the excellent narrative and wonderful macro shots will help illustrate how buitifull the whole things comes together

If you find yourself still a bit lost, dont worry, we all struggle with a new field of study. This link has an exceptionally well thought out set of depictions and explanations that you can read and understand at leisure:



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