Watchmaking Achievements of the 21st Century

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Watchmaking Achievements of the 21st Century

Post by koimaster » October 7th 2019, 11:55am

The history of watchmaking is as impressive as it is diverse. From ancient water clocks and the construction of the first mechanical clocks to the development of precision marine chronometers and the creation of the automatic wristwatch, the industry is synonymous with innovation. Each of these historic developments was driven by a need for greater accuracy in timekeeping.

Is innovation still necessary?

Watchmaking technology is completely different today. When it comes to precision, even the cheapest quartz timepiece will easily surpass the finest chronometer wristwatch. Improved precision is, therefore, hardly a relevant topic considering mechanical watches are primarily seen as jewelry or status symbols, right? Did the centuries-long history of mechanical innovation end with the advent of the automatic chronograph, which appeared around the same time as the quartz caliber?

Luckily, we can answer both of those questions with a resounding “no.” If it’s not precision we’re after, however, which recent developments warrant some extra attention? We have selected three major achievements in movement technology, materials, and design that we think have changed watchmaking as we know it. ... y-p_52218/


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