Found my ideal job.

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Found my ideal job.

Post by Hawk » September 15th 2019, 1:13pm

I speak, of course, of the best title ever to accompany a job - I wish henceforth to be addressed as Black Rod.

I caution anyone against simply googling "black rod". 'Tis best to precede the search term thus "parliament uk black rod" - with something like the following being the result.
And the fact I'm still living rent free in his head makes me grin and giggle.
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Re: Found my ideal job.

Post by sixer » November 8th 2019, 10:44am

I remember back when I first started working on site(1974) and saw an ad, in New Civil Engineer, which stated - London Borough of Brent, Inspector of Street Lighting, (3 posts) £6,000 pa.
I thought that should be easy enough, as long as they're in the same street.
It was weeks before the penny dropped. :dssd:

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