Watch grey market isn't black and white

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Watch grey market isn't black and white

Post by koimaster » September 3rd 2019, 9:25am

If you’ve ever looked to buy a watch on the internet, you will have invariably come across grey market watch websites offering a surprisingly good deal on the watch you are interested in. This leads to several questions about the broader mechanics of watch retail, and the watch grey market:

Why would I buy from an Authorised Dealer if this is so much cheaper?
How do these sites get the watches they are selling?
Why do watch brands allow themselves to be undercut on price?

All of these are fair questions; the answers of which are often challenging to find. The majority of luxury watch buyers generally consider themselves financially savvy folks, yet the majority of the bragging online is about the strength of their AD relationships, not about the bargain they picked up on Why is it these money-focused deal makers choose to spend more at an AD, than cash in on double-digit savings from a grey market site? ... and-white/


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Re: Watch grey market isn't black and white

Post by 3Flushes » September 3rd 2019, 12:22pm

A short and sweet synopsis of the situation.

Lots of people I talk to worry about warranties, many even believe that if they buy grey the manufacturer will not repair their watch, period.
Nothing, as we know, could be farther from the truth- manufacturers are always happy to repair anything purchased grey that is genuine house goods, just not under warranty for free.

Watch consumers generally only get one shot at a warranty repair anyway because by the time the fucks get the thing fixed and returned to you the warranty is expired.

I have never had a problem with any grey watch during the warranty period, or after, for that matter. For those skittish about buying grey: Less than 6% of repairs performed at Swatch repair facilities are done under warranty across all brands according to my cousin, a former Swatch brand manager. The key is patronizing solid dealers, Jomashop and the like.
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Re: Watch grey market isn't black and white

Post by biglove » September 3rd 2019, 5:31pm

Have no issues with reputable grey market. Have spent thousands and never had a single issue.

Grey has enabled me to buy watches I would otherwise have passed by.
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Re: Watch grey market isn't black and white

Post by TemerityB » September 3rd 2019, 8:48pm

As my pals here know, I am one of those schmoes who actually likes watch retail. I enjoy the store experience WAY more than ordering gray market stuff; being in NYC, the choices are almost endless, and believe it or not, you can get deals. Not the types of 55 to 70 percent off you can find at Ashford and Joma, but deals nonetheless - and you get the whole warranty thing, sure. It's comforting.

But, of course, that's just me. I can't imagine why someone wouldn't pick up a watch they've been looking for from a reputable gray market website. I remember last year, I saw the Oris Dexter Gordon culture series watch - a watch I had seen a year earlier being offered at full retail at a watch fair, and I really coveted it - for a few hundred measly bucks through Joma. Of course I ordered it; I wanted the watch, and it was an incredible deal. Plus, living in NYC I have not one but three repair places I trust, and ETAs and Sellitas they can fix or replace without a worry.

Buying gray market should hold no stigma. I think if you see a piece you like at a price that's too good to pass up ... why would you?
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