Meeting Maison Celadon at Watch Wonderland in Singapore

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Meeting Maison Celadon at Watch Wonderland in Singapore

Post by koimaster » July 27th 2018, 2:47pm

Published on Jul 27, 2018

I had the privilege of meeting Benjamin Chee, Maison Celadon's founder at Watch Wonderland in Singapore, where he was able to show me three of Maison Celadon's models. Benjamin is a very accomplished speaker, so this ended up somewhat akin to a sales presentation, but I really loved every minute of it, and you might too. If you look carefully there is some truly amazing artisinal work going on here, especially with the third watch shown, Maison Celadon's top of the range Celestial model, featuring ultra fine cloisonné enamel work that is possibly better than you see on some Swiss watches costing tens of thousands of dollars more. Very impressive for a young microbrand watch company.

The first watch was a simple dress watch with a subtle guilloche effect. (I think Benjamin must've done some research on me as I make no secret that I'm a huge guilloche fan.)

The second watch is probably more intriguing for many as it is a lovely steel gray sunburst minimalist dressy diver and the strap is waterproofed leather backed by rubber, giving you something suitable for wet or sweaty conditions but a bit more stylish than a rubber strap.

The third one had me drooling and checking MC's prices the moment I got back to the hotel! One watch collector who gave me a lift to and from Watch Wonderland was entranced too and decided to go for one then and there. Very impressive as the Celestial is by no means an entry level timepiece at $7,000.

If the video isn't too clear, check out the pictures at

You can see how the fine gold wire is laid down first, (I imagine like solder on a plate but someone can correct me here,) then enamel glass carefully melted to fill between the lines. This is very painstaking work on a highly detailed level by master craftsmen.

The back of the watch is no less impressive, with a stunning in-house movement that is highly decorated with features like a titanium spring and a 120 hour power reserve.

I did feel there were a few gotchas. For example I didn't understand why it took seven days to produce a nut-like crown on one of the watches, and the movement, although stunning, makes me worry about maintenance as the company is quite young and for $7,000 I want to be able to get parts and servicing 25 years from now! Overall the entire watch emits a justifiable pride in Chinese workmanship which is refreshing compared to the budget factory output from Shenzhen which is all too common.

I would love one of these for a special occasion like a wedding. If you're looking for something highly artistic that can be customized for you, this may be worth checking out.

If you're interested in learning about or discussing this or other microbrand watches, I hope you'll stop by our Facebook group:



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