Flame Fusion, what is it?

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Re: Flame Fusion, what is it?

Post by Watch Noob » August 4th 2011, 2:37pm

dude wrote:Had IWG not decided to be so deceptive, a proprietary material could have been a selling point. But no. They had to do the usual and fuck the whole deal up.

Come to think about it, this is the very subject that brought me and Mr. Noob together "oh so long ago". Man, was I a fucked up mess.

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Re: Flame Fusion, what is it?

Post by Mark1 » August 4th 2011, 4:02pm

Falstaff wrote:I suspect they're coming out of the same Sagacious Panda No. 4 Guangzhou glass factory and that they are all exactly the same, whether Invicta Flame Fusion, Stuhrling Krysterna, Swiss Legend Sapphitek or even Croton's mysterious Spherulite (the Merm claims it means "strong" in German - it doesn't). Wonder why everybody else in the watchmaking biz manages to get by with either mineral or sapphire crystals except these yahoos?

I've often wondered that myself. Beware any TV watch salesperson selling you something "different" as an upgrade.
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Re: Flame Fusion, what is it?

Post by TickTocker » August 5th 2011, 6:05pm

RP wrote:I understand Invicta is working on a flame fusion condom

I wouldn't trust FF on my cheapest watch, so what makes them think I would trust it on my precious ding a ling lol
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Re: Flame Fusion, what is it?

Post by Bahoomba » January 11th 2019, 1:42pm

koimaster wrote:yes, flame fusion. Is it still around?

Was it ever really around, I mean, when you think about it? :wink:

They still talk about it on Evine all the time. Like it's actually "something."
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