Joys of the Cheap American Military Watch

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Joys of the Cheap American Military Watch

Post by koimaster » May 26th 2019, 11:18pm

Coming from a family in which someone from each generation has served in the army, I’ve used and handled quite a bit of military equipment over the years, but the vintage, issued military watch holds a special place in my heart.

What could be cooler than a mechanical object designed with absolutely no eye toward aesthetics that manages somehow to be aesthetically pleasing nonetheless? There is a type of magnetic pull toward no-nonsense military tool watches that even the civilian feels (or perhaps, feels especially) — it doesn’t necessarily take a soldier to recognize the beauty in something designed to do one thing only, and do it well and until failure.

While prices on many issued military watches from the storied Swiss brands have crept into stratospheric territory recently, there is a small crop of distinctly wearable timepieces that have thus far managed for one reason or another to escape this upward trajectory: the 1950s-1990s American military watch. Perhaps it’s their small case sizes, or perhaps it’s the fact that they were produced for so many years and often in such large quantities and are thus readily available –- whatever it is, these watches are cheap, and they’re awesome. ... ary-watch/


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