WURW Tuesday May 15th 2018

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Re: WURW Tuesday May 15th 2018

Post by bedlam » May 15th 2018, 7:25am

"If I could put a finger on the moment we genuinely fucked ourselves, it was the moment we decided that data was something you could use words like believe or disbelieve around...

The Water Knife

Paolo Bacigalupi
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Re: WURW Tuesday May 15th 2018

Post by conjurer » May 15th 2018, 7:27am

foghorn wrote:The choice of Walmarts CEO. (until FedEx gets here.)

That's a nice wartche, foggy! But what time is it in New York City??

Also, what's Fedex delivering?? Are you getting a load of high quality Euro-porn??
Cream rises to the top while jackoffs only leave puddles of rancid jizz.

--Temerity, regarding Bazinga!.
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