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Post by koimaster » May 17th 2021, 8:05pm

Su Sung was a diplomatic envoy to the Sung dynasty, that ruled China during one of the most important cultural periods from (960-1279 AD).

In 1077, Su Sung was sent by the Sung emperor to wish a ‘Happy Birthday’ to the ruler of the Khitan people further north.

This ruler’s birthday fell on a winter solstice that year, so when Sung arrived, he was shocked to find he was a day early. Su Sung knew not to expose his emperor’s horological inferiority, so he convinced the hosts to entertain one day early. Nonetheless, this mix-up showed that the ‘barbarians’ to the north actually had more accurate timing tools than the Sung dynasty!

When Su Sung returned home, the emperor asked Su whether the ‘barbarian’ calendar or the Chinese calendar was correct. Su told the truth and upon finding out the barbarians were more accurate, the Chinese emperor fined and punished all of the officials related to the Astronomical Bureau.

Su Sung then received the Emperor’s direct orders, instructing him to create an astronomical clock that was more utilitarian and more beautiful than any other clock to exist!

Su Sung got to work. His mission: “a new design for a mechanized armillary sphere and celestial globe.” He created a thirty-foot-high astronomical clock that spanned a total of five stories.

https://montrespubliques.com/new-1minut ... ater-clock


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Post by AlbertaTime » May 18th 2021, 6:56am

This Vimeo animation is well worth seeing.

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