Aquadive discussion 2011

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Aquadive discussion 2011

Post by koimaster » April 2nd 2021, 11:17am

Sent: Thursday, November 24, 2011 1:05 AM

Subject: Re: AQUADIVE

Well, I dont know. To me it sounds like the kinda stuff that happens with department stores and big business.
It seems Aquadive went defunct in the 1980's, Rights and parts were acuquired by someone, and it changed hands a couple of times, and now is being revived. The reality is, not everything is public knowledge when it comes to businesses. Bottom line, its another revived watch brand, Doxa, Like Ball...well know their is Aquadive. Who knows how long they will be around, and who knows what the quality of the watches are. I am intersted to see myself. To me at this point, they are no different than some of these other pop up micro brands, that are charging alot of money out of the gate for unknown product. Guess we wait and see what happens, and if the quality of the watches live up to the price.
I cant spend my time investigating watch companies, and all what they do etc,...its a watch, and there are thousands of them available. I like to wear them and discuss them with others, and the features of the watch, etc. Dont need to know how many times the company changed hands, and the name and tag number of who built it and where .

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A letter from the founder
A letter from the founder

We are happy to welcome you to the Aquadive watch forum,

Aquadive was one of the very few US based dive watch manufacturers. Established in 1962, Aquadive started business by offering private label (in today's terms "OEM") watches that shared the same design and construction with a few Swiss Marques, and strongly resembled JENNY® watches. In the early seventies Aquadive parted from the private label business and started manufacturing watches in house, incorporating and patenting the first mechanical/quartz dive watch/depth gauge combination. AQUADIVE soon became America’s No. 1 dive watch and was the name divers relied on. But due to the strong competition from the cheaper technology found in LED and digital watches, Aquadive ceased manufacturing watches in the early 80s. The remaining stock of Aquadive was acquired from a liquidator in Switzerland in 1997 by Rick Marei, who has become a business advisor of DOXA® watches in 2000 and is the man behind the re-launch of the DOXA SUB® in 2001.

As a passionate dive watch collector, Rick Marei saw the potential of Aquadive and started expanding his network, seeking financial support and watchmaking expertise to relaunch the brand. The design and construction of the Aquadive line didn't happen overnight. During this time, Rick created the Synchron Watch Group (in 2005), which is currently the importer of record and the retail distributor of DOXA watches in the USA. The Synchron watch group acquired the rights to Aquadive and Isofrane®, but due to the intense involvement with and dedication to DOXA® watches, they sold their rights to Synchron Uhren Manufaktur, a company that was formed and owned by a team of experts who had participated in the design, development, construction and marketing of the Aquadive since 2001. This group was financially backed by a British/ Austrian Investor to help ensure a long term presence in the market and the long term availability of service and spare parts.

From day one, the goal of this team has been to bring back one of the great watches of the 60s to watch enthusiasts and collectors, backed with impeccable customer support and close tie to customers. Since the launch of Isofrane in 2010, Synchron Uhren Manufaktur has worked hard to achieve a stellar customer service reputation, while offering the best product in its field. The team at Synchron have worked to stay true to the heritage of Aquadive while striving towards design and technical specifications that reflect the year 2011. This new AQUADIVE collection was introduced on November 15, 2011. The launch of the line incorporates vintage new old stock pieces, a replica of the original model 50 Aquadive and a midsized model. Aquadive uses only Swiss made Movements from ETA® and Soprod®. Every Aquadive watch case is manufactured in our own facility in Pforzheim Germany, all other accessories are sourced through European based suppliers, preferably from Switzerland.

Rick Marei accompanied this project since 2001, and now like a proud father, has handed over the reins to a team of experts, determined to bring Aquadive back to its proud beginnings. Rick Marei will remain a company’s business Advisor and offer my experience to Aquadive. His future projects will be focused on the revival of more great Swiss watch Marques.

The founder
Synchon Uhren Manufaktur


Alain, saw your post about Aquadive trademark post by Rick from Doxa......saw this posted at DWC, its a post from WUS, from Rick...

Dont know or really care about any of this, Im curious to see how the watches are though, and if they are good quality.
Reason, I dont care much, is because their are so many secerets with all these companies, and you would be suprised how many use china factories, but their watches are swiss made....but they are still in compliance with the 51% swiss rule, but yet, they still dont say the case and bracelets, etc are made in China, because it would be bad for their Image...but
after all my dealings with people, and research, so many companies are doing shit behind the scenes, whos the owner, who has stock in the company, what factories being used, doesnt matter. What matters to me, is the watch itself worth the price being charged, and the only way to see that, is to see it in person, and even then, its my personal choice if its worth the price, based on what I like.

Hi Toxicavenger, this is Rick.

I felt that I had to clear the air, as quite a few conversations began right after the launch of Aquadive, and in several cases, people are only in possession of half of the facts - i.e. they are half right, but also half wrong. So to be clear, there is nothing to hide, no conspiracy theory, and nothing special, but I feel that it all needs clarification, I wish there were something more exciting to say other than the story that has been told in many watch magazines already - but here we go ; )
I am a watch nut, period… In the late 90s I was overwhelmed with the idea that the internet was going to completely change the watch industry. But it seemed that I was almost alone with my idea. As a collector and fan, I naturally focused on the Swiss brands that I collected. Aquadive, Zeno, DOXA and many others that can't be named as I am bound by non-disclosure agreements. I literally knocked on every door of every Swiss watch brand whose watches were in my collection. These were mostly the bulky steel dive watches of the 70s.

And clearly, not everyone answered when I knocked. But I stuck with it because I knew in my heart that I was right - that the internet was the next logical step. And I think it is safe to say that I was right - as you see many "traditional" watch companies other than DOXA now offering their line direct to the US customer online through their websites.

I am truly happy (and a little relieved) that I was not totally wrong with my theory about the internet and the watch industry and I wish I would have gotten more involved with the other brands, I also wish to see those faces that I spoke to 15 years ago, who literally thought I am from another planet.

So please let me say;

1. Aquadive and Isofrane are not in any way affiliated with DOXA. PERIOD.
These are 2 completely different companies with entirely different manufacturing facilities, and operating philosophies. Yes, it is absolutely true that they were connected at one time, and at one time were even owned by the same company. But that is no longer the case. Since that time, Aquadive had become dormant, while DOXA continued on, and only later (1999/2000) was the DOXA dive watch brought back to life with a bit of my help.

2. Synchron Uhren Manufaktur (SUM) should not be mistaken for Synchron Watch Group. Again, these are two completely different entities -
SUM is a watch manufacturer, Synchron Watch Group is the distributor of DOXA watches (for retail only) in the United States.

3. I helped relaunching the DOXA SUB and we've had good success, and I've continued my attempts to convince other brands that this was, to some extent, the future.
Owing to this I got involved with AQUADIVE from 2002 until 2004. Later both AQUADIVE and Isofrane were acquired by Synchron Uhren Manufaktur, and yes I was the one behind the idea of the relaunch of AQUADIVE and ISOFRANE back in the late 90s, the same way as with DOXA. But then due to my dedication to DOXA, the project, stock, plans and rights to AQUADIVE were sold to SUM. while I am still an officer at the company, SUM is today part of a fairly large industrial British/Austrian Holding, that had the financial power to reintroduce the brand to the market. And this is what they did a few days ago with the re-launch of AQUADIVE.

Today, I continue my dedication to DOXA , but I am also delighted to see the dream of a reborn AQUADIVE finally come true.

BTW, my names is listed as the applicant (registrant) of the trademark in 2004. The current owner is SUM, those listings are sometimes deceiving, they all use the main uspto database but sometimes omit or misplace the data.

Thank you


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