3 Reasons DOXA Watches Are Loved

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Re: 3 Reasons DOXA Watches Are Loved

Post by bedlam » February 16th 2021, 8:50pm

Current Doxa plays on borrowed history and the whole tacticool trend.

The more annoying thing are their 'charm points' (as the Japanese would say) of the functionality of the no-deco bezel next to the timing bezel and the orange dials.

1. They put military dive tables on the bezel...which are a no-go for recreational divers, so useless for 99% of people who purchase the watch.

2. The orange dial does not improve visibility at depth. Doxa mis-read the 1970's Luria research paper on colors and water turbidity. Idiots.

Given these elements are pointless the watches are not any more useful than dive watches of equal or better quality that are cheaper.
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