News of HMT's closure breaks hearts (2014)

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News of HMT's closure breaks hearts (2014)

Post by koimaster » September 20th 2019, 4:29pm

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's announcement about 'Make In India' couldn't come at a juncture more ironic. Around three weeks ago, watchmaker Hindustan Machine Tools, popularly known as HMT, announced that it would be shutting shop after over fifty years in business — a truth that hasn't gone down well with fans of the iconic watch brand, both in India and worldwide.

HMT's craftsmanship makes the watch a prized possession among horologists in the UK and Germany for its design finesse and superior quality.

"My first HMT was a classic white Janata," says Mathias Uslar, 36, an electrical engineer from Germany. "I have been collecting watches, including HMT, for about five years. It started out as a hobby in finding the cheapest, solid mechanical watch around. HMT caught my attention at a German watch forum; they are rather small compared to 'new' ones, so they look classic."

Englishman Paul Barlow, 52, has a similar story. "I first encountered HMT less than a year ago when I started looking for .. ... aign=cppst


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Re: News of HMT's closure breaks hearts (2014)

Post by conjurer » September 20th 2019, 5:39pm

Alas, I found myself dry with Indian jokes. However, thank god for Google!:

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My karma ran over my dogma....

source: ... jokes.html
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