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Traska Watches

Post by koimaster » March 30th 2019, 3:51pm

Our Story
We are an independent American watch brand with a passion for exquisite detail and a commitment to excellence. Unmoved by the shallow ethos peddled by luxury brands and weary of fast-fashion offerings designed for obsolescence, we seized the opportunity to establish a legacy.

We craft world-class wrist watches that combine classic design and contemporary engineering. Our drive — to inspire those with discerning tastes to seek more from the watch on their wrist


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Re: Traska Watches

Post by biglove » March 31st 2019, 7:52am

Racer-X wrote:
biglove wrote:Like the mint dial, Black bezel. Good dimensions.

Quite fetching.


Looks like some are popping up on WatchRecon for ~$280.
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Re: Traska Watches

Post by TemerityB » March 31st 2019, 8:56pm

I've seen a lot worse. But you can buy a Croton with an NH35 variant for $65.
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Re: Traska Watches

Post by conjurer » March 31st 2019, 9:23pm

TemerityB wrote:I've seen a lot worse. But you can buy a Croton with an NH35 variant for $65.

Or, like a Seiko for about $200-250.

Or a Hamilton Khaki with a Caliber 80 for a hundred bucks more than these jamokes are asking (gray market.)

This is the problem with microbrands, and why I disdain them so much. Who buys them, and why? If I meet a guy who's wearing a Seiko diver or a Hamilton, I know almost immediately that He's One of Us. If I see some fucking clown wearing a Traska, I assume he's a schmuck. The same goes for just about any micro out there.

How did Seiko get where it's at in the market and in This Thing of Ours? Or Hamilton, for that matter? They have some history, they make an honest, great watch. They didn't come up with a marketing plan in their mom's basement. When they make a watch, they don't pick out cases and dials and bracelets from some online catalogue from Hong Kong. They didn't suck a bunch of blogger's cocks from guys who are "influencers," a term that literally makes my skin crawl even typing.

The zenith (or more accurately, nadir) of micros was that douchebag who made Deaumar wartchs, posting about how the world did him wrong when his brand died. Naturally, it was everybody else's fault that he couldn't make a go of it; like most millennials, he figured his shit didn't stink, every idea he had was fucking great, and nobody wanted his shit wartchs because they were, well, fucking shit.

Micros make their living by standing on the shoulders of giants. Alas, most giants still move, and folks standing on their shoulders tend to fall off and go splat on the sidewalk.
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Re: Traska Watches

Post by bbattle » February 23rd 2020, 3:46pm

biglove wrote:
March 30th 2019, 4:45pm
Like the mint dial, Black bezel. Good dimensions.
yes, The minty Freediver with black bezel is refreshing. The Summiteer is a yawner.

Miyota 9039 movement? A pretty recent one according to caliber corner.

"The Miyota caliber 9039 is a 24 jewels automatic movement that was introduced to the market in 2018. As a member of the 9000 family of movements, this caliber is part of Miyota’s Premium Automatic line. It tells the time via a standard 3 hand display with no date option. This movement is made in Japan."

And it turns out to be a variant of the 9015 which is derived from the 8215:

"The caliber 9015, which was presented for the first time in 2009, is a revolutionary development of the 8215 caliber. Equipped with a ball bearing rotor, a second stop and a date with a quick-change circuit, this new plant works very precisely with 28,800 half oscillations per hour. The range deviation is indicated as -10 to +30 seconds per day. According to experience, however, the work runs much more precisely, in some cases with a deviation in the single-digit second range. Furthermore, the movement has a shock absorber, a Swiss anchoring inhibitor and a manual hoist. The reserve is 42 hours. The movement is a technical masterpiece due to its low overall height of only 3.9 mm."

"The Miyota caliber 8215 is a 21 jewel automatic movement, first introduced in 1977. It is made in Japan and is found in many new microbrand watches because it is easily obtainable, low cost, and considered an entry level workhorse movement.

Miyota claims the caliber 8215 has an accuracy rating of -20 ~ +40 seconds per day."

The 9039 movement goes for ~$100 while it's grandfather, the 8215, can be found for $40-50, purchased singly.

Is it possible to drill down the movement genealogy tree to the original movement; like a sundial in Rome or water clock in Athens, Greece?
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