15 Japanese Watch brands you need to know about

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15 Japanese Watch brands you need to know about

Post by bbattle » March 19th 2024, 4:00pm

He starts the survey from the lowest priced and goes upward so you can skip to the bespoke brands at the end if you like. There were a lot of surprises in this video for me; reminded me a lot of Alberta Time's recent horological expedtion to China.

A bit of company history is provided for each company which is nice.

I had no idea Casio had other brands under its umbrella, like Oceanus.

Kuoe specializes in vintage styled watches with affordable prices

Minase has some very elegant designs that I really like.

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Re: 15 Japanese Watch brands you need to know about

Post by jason_recliner » March 19th 2024, 7:04pm

Yeah I'm not clicking on that little fucking dweeb. Fuck fuckheads shilling watches on YouTube. Only redeeming value in a Bald-arse video is whatever he likes I sure as hell wouldn't want to be seen wearing. Fucking little weiner.

The Kuoe Old Smith would be nice on a real strap!

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