Stowa and transparency

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Stowa and transparency

Post by koimaster » August 8th 2021, 10:29pm

#5 · Oct 6, 2015

Hello everybody,

today i got this information about this watch already by email as well and now we are searching whats happen.

One possible thing is that somebody who bought a STOWA put in a chinese skeletton movement -. there are some movements around.

But i have to check.

If it is a total copy there are always to always two sides:

>> Good is that the people thing they can copy and make some money ;) - like with the big brands.
This is a compliment because it seems that the brand is popular. ;)
(but i guess this will be not working like Rolex, STOWA is not so popular that you can make money with copys ;))

>> The second point is of course that we have to take care about copys. If not the market can get nervous and the people are not sure if they buy a Original or Copy.

But i am relaxed - the same happens years ago with a Schauer Chronograph.

Some chinese companys sometimes try to do a copy and check if the market will buy it.

As long as there is a other brandname on the dial it happens and it is very difficult to stop (you already know that the big brands couldn´t stop at all, and they have much more possibilities)

But of course the caseback we have to check, because there is already the STOWA engraving.

Tomorrow i will check my drawings and typographie and see if it is a copy or somebody who "pimps" his stowa with an chinese movement and dial - this makes no sence but today everything is possible. ;)

Bye for now

Many thanks

Jörg Schauer

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Stowa has a great reputation on this board and I've been thrilled with my Flieger Klassik Sport. I did however come across this tidbit on Stowa's FAQ section concerning the origin of Stowa components:

on the one hand, Schauer has been systematically and successfully looking for component manufacturers with a more favourable pricing structure, including those in the Far East, he admits. On the other hand, he emphasised that "80 percent of the value of Stowa watches is created in Europe"

Does anyone know specifically where the various major components of Stowa's watches are made? Obviously the movements are usually Swiss-made ETAs and the Flieger Sport has Swiss-made thermally-blued hands but I'm curious about these other components:


The case for example is hand brushed (I'm assuming at Stowa), but are they actually made at Stowa (or somewhere else in Germany) or are they outsourced? Finally, has Jorg actually used any major components from the "Far East"?

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#2 · Jul 11, 2016

Deutsche Zifferblattmanufaktur (now owned by Glashütte)
Mühle (woodpecker fine adjustment for the Rana)
to name some.
Kind regards


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