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Sinn slim U50 SDR

Posted: August 9th 2020, 3:25pm
by koimaster
HANDS-ON: Meet the first Sinn with a waiting list, the submarine tough, but mighty slim U50 SDR

A neutron star is tiny, at an average 20km in diameter, but incredibly dense. Its mass is equivalent to 1.5 times our Sun – which has room for more than a million Earths. How does this set the backdrop to a review of the fêted Sinn U50 SDR, the first-ever Sinn with a waiting list? ... dr-review/

Re: Sinn slim U50 SDR

Posted: October 16th 2020, 3:38pm
by Pilliam
Bought this model from Watchbuys when it was released and friggin' love it! Incredibly comfortable and easily the most legible watch I own. I bought it sight unseen, and it was worth the gamble. I wanted a vacation watch, something tough as nails that I wouldn't have to baby, could handle salt water, and would fly under the radar in foreign countries. This model fit the bill and then some. Red is not my favorite color, so the accents took some getting used to, but talk about a purpose driven watch - Sinn nailed it with the U50 SDR!

Re: Sinn slim U50 SDR

Posted: October 16th 2020, 3:47pm
by biglove
Their is not a Sinn watch made that I wouldn't wear. Can't say that about any other brand.

That being said, I won't be buying them all. A 356 Flieger Chrono and 903 Chrono, blue dial, are on my short list to buy though.