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Posted: April 28th 2020, 9:08pm
by koimaster
Junghans watch company has been setting international standards since the day it began its life back in 1861 in the Black Forest of Germany, in the charming town of Shcramberg. Since then their highly ambitious legacy has gone on to produce superior innovations that we can only attach to the highest class of watchmaking in the world today.

It is very rare that a timepiece of any kind from the 1950’s can be confused with that of a modern day design. However, if flicking through one of Junghans’ old catalogues from this era you make this mistake, you would certainly not be alone. The unique combination of precision technology and impressive aesthetical appeal from years of cutting edge fashion and design, gives the impression that some of Junghans’ kitchen wall clocks and those wrist wjunghans0atches from the Max Bill Dame collection look like they have just jumped off the shelves of those high end stores of London’s luxury quarter! It is not until one really steps back in time to learn about the hard work and challenges faced by one single craftsman in Germany, many of which only spurred Erhard Junghans on in his vision, that we can really appreciate just how influential the brand became, ... y-success/