Junghans Max Bill and Meister MEGA Atomic

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Junghans Max Bill and Meister MEGA Atomic

Post by Racer-X » August 6th 2018, 6:02pm

"Two of Junghans’ most celebrated watches, the mid-century Max Bill and the Meister, are now available with a radio controlled, battery powered movement called the J101.65. This movement provides astounding accuracy at +/- .02 seconds per year, as well as unique features like jumping hands, independent hour-hand setting (excellent for time-zone leaping), and a perpetual calendar that won’t require user input until the year 2,400. Unlike most quartz movements, the J101.65 is visually striking; its gold-on-black printed circuit board and exposed copper-wire coils shine like the jewels and gear trains in mechanical units; even the battery cover is handsomely signed. There are 146 individual components inside the J101.65."

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