Stowa Seatime Prodiver Review

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Re: Stowa Seatime Prodiver Review

Post by 3Flushes » October 11th 2013, 3:03pm

That's a cool looking diver, I like the lines of the case and the super legible, clean dial. The choice of dials and bezels you get is really a nice touch as is the fact they've stayed with ETA movements. Stowa has always made a nice watch for the money.

foghorn wrote:I always liked that model.
This was a nice review. Reviewer said what needed to be said in a very professional manner. Not irritating at all like certain other interwebz reveuuuers.

The guys at Worn and Wound do a nice job indeed.
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Re: Stowa Seatime Prodiver Review

Post by TemerityB » December 25th 2019, 7:27am

Stowa offers really good quality at fair prices. Came close to grabbing one at the W&W this year, but a Laco caught my eye and beat it out by an eyelash. Both brands have such rock solid product lines it's hard not to admire them.
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