Where are the new Oris movements?

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Where are the new Oris movements?

Post by bbattle » December 31st 2023, 5:44pm

I've been kind of interested in some of the Oris watches, (Aquis, Big Crown, ProPilot), so I was checking out their website. I get to looking around and I find that a few of their watches have a true in-house movement called the 400. All of their other movements, at least the 7xx series, have been based off the good ol'l SW-200. They did do another in-house movement, the 110, which is a mechanical movement.

I was intrigued about the new-ishmovement, which came about in 2020. https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/oris- ... aliber-400

Oris has a link with plenty of information: https://www.oris.ch/en-US/movements

Oris claims: "It’s highly accurate, to -3/+5 seconds a day, better than a chronometer."*

So, where is this Rolex-slaying super movement? Well, it can be found in the Aquis Date calibre 400 and the ProPilot X Calibre 400. https://www.watchtime.com/reviews/new-s ... libre-400/

Dang, I was hoping the new movement would be introduced across the line, or at least to the models I liked the best. But then I got to looking at the Oris-modified SW-200 movements they use and they claim the same level of accuracy, -3/+5 seconds a day, better than a chronometer. https://www.oris.ch/en-US/movement/72/CALIBRE%20400

Well, is the calibre 400 just a lot of hot air? Should I just stop over analyzing and buy what I like?

Should I decide the Oris are just overpriced and leaning heavily on their Swiss provenance and just get a Hamilton, which, while being technically Swiss, is marketed more for its "American Spirit", (and lower prices).

*yes, there is chronometer and there is COSC certified chronometer. more marketing-speak.
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