Fortis Novonaut N-42 collection

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Re: Fortis Novonaut N-42 collection

Post by jason_recliner » October 14th 2023, 12:02am

smellody wrote:
October 13th 2023, 8:43pm
jason_recliner wrote:
October 13th 2023, 7:49pm
Really nice looking watches that are literally 3-4x what I'd pay for them.
Jeabus Recliner Underscore, you realize it is 2020 right?
I know, I know, just don't see the value in watches any more I guess. They're something like AUD10,000. I'm renovating three rooms for less. I could get a decent motorbike for less. Irrigate my garden. Holiday. Seriously, I'd only pay AUD2-3k for one. I'm a tightarse.
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