What The World’s Watchmakers Think of the Swiss

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What The World’s Watchmakers Think of the Swiss

Post by koimaster » August 11th 2022, 11:51pm

Yesterday, we ran a story on the history and the significance of those two simple words ‘Swiss Made’. Today we take a virtual tour of the world’s watchmakers, established and emerging, and ask them what ‘Swiss Made’ means to them.

The United States of America, Chase Fancher, Founder of Oak & Oscar

Since 2015, Chase Fancher has been the driving force behind Chicago-based Oak & Oscar, an accessibly priced brand making utilitarian, casual and well-made watches with a local touch. For Fancher, this means numerous trips to Switzerland, and a unique perspective on the global watch industry.

“Working outside of Switzerland has been a fun challenge for me. Learning more about the culture and how they operate while also building a brand has been exciting. And while there is a lot of reverence for Swiss watchmaking (deservedly so), I’ve also learned that they can be somewhat stuck in their more traditional ways. While we rely on good, sound horological principles, Oak & Oscar is a young brand doing things our way, with great attention to detail and design. On occasion, we’ve had to push them past their comfort zone, and they’ve always risen to the challenge.” And while there are challenges, for Fancher, the benefits of being based in the States make up for them. “There’s a great culture of entrepreneurship supporting those who dare to dream. Not only that, we’ve got an absolutely amazing group of watch lovers here in the States. They appreciate Oak & Oscar and love that I took the crazy leap to pursue this crazy passion of mine. We also have a huge variety of amazing skills and talents here in the US. Not just in the watchmaking world, but other ancillary trades like leatherwork, soft goods manufacturing, and designers. It’s been remarkably fun finding and working with folks who are absolutely passionate about what they do.” Of course, Fancher is quick to recognize the significance of Switzerland.

https://revolutionwatch.com/what-the-wo ... DLUkx-ggz4


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