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Ophion watches

Post by koimaster » May 25th 2022, 6:07pm

We create Ophion watches with the goal of offering the experience of the high end watches but and a much affordable level.

Usually is very difficult to find the characteristics of the Haute Horology in affordable pieces, that's what we want it to change since the beginning

We have always dream with exquisite movement perfectly finished with elegant and classical style, but they were always out of our reach, with very high prices.

One day we real iced that it was is possible to offer part of that charm but a much more reduce price, that why we created the brand.

The name of the brand Ophion, comes from Greek Mythology, there are many different variants but in some tales, Ophion was the first Titan he and his wife created the universe, and were the parents of all the gods, including Cronos, known for being the god of time.

We liked the idea of Ophion being the father of the god of time and that's why we choose the name.

Each model of our brand wants to revive and historical time or event, bringing bank to our day's forgotten design and complications, we look for inspiration everywhere and don´t have a fixed DNA that limits our creativity.

In our first model the OPH 960, we look back at the 60¨s, once we identified the characteristics of the watches of that time: domed dial, domed crystal, domed hands.... we took that concept and actualized to our days.

Almost everything in our watch is curved, domed our round, this has been a difficult challenge when producing all the components, because it breaks the industry standard, usually the surfaces of the parts are flat and straight, that make them more easy to produce, being faithful to the original concept, and achieving all the domed and complex components have been very rewarding for us.

We wanted to control the production of all the part of the watch, and searched for suppliers with open minds and experiences finally, we found them in

Case: Germany

Dial: Germany

Assembly: Germany

Hands: Switzerland

Movement: Switzerland

Strap: Spain

Packaging: Spain

We are open to any type of collaboration and we will always push the limits of minds and work.

We want to thank to all the people that have contribute to the creation of our brand and all the supporters that have made this dream possible

Thank you so much for came this far, we will love to heard anything you want to share with us, please write us for any topic at: [email protected]



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Re: Ophion watches

Post by Mark1 » May 25th 2022, 6:52pm

If you want to sell your wartches to the English speaking world, by all means, hire someone who fucking speaks and even writes in English. Me luv you long time doesn't work in marketing haute horology.
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Re: Ophion watches

Post by jason_recliner » May 25th 2022, 10:06pm

Lugs are stupid. Movement looks cheap. Instead of a hammered movement finish that "imulates the mercury evaporation originally used back in the day", use mercury evaporation. If that is no longer feasible, come up with a better idea than hammering.
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