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Nivada Grenchen 'Paul Newman'

Post by koimaster » December 13th 2021, 4:05pm

What do we all really want from a vintage watch? We want a good watch. Of course we want a good watch. And we want more. We want to feel a connection to something – to the past, and very likely, an idealized past which probably never existed. But we want to imagine it's a nice one, and we want to imagine, when we have a vintage watch, that we have a little magical connection to some personal Golden Age.

The basic problem with vintage watches, is that they can be, in many critical respects, a handful of headaches waiting to happen. That aged lume that charms with its luxuriant patina is actually a scab over the wound of time, ready to flake off if you look at it cross-eyed. The movement seems to be running like a top ("they don't make 'em like they used to!") but in fact, the mainspring is set because it's older than you are, and is generating about as much energy as an estivating toad in February. The only reason it's running at all is because the oil is not only long since gummed up, it's actually dried out completely, leaving the watch to run as if all's well until enough metal has ground off a pivot to make it grind to a terminal halt. ... -headaches



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