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Custom-Built Porsche Design

Post by koimaster » June 15th 2021, 9:29pm

It’s mid-July, but the weather forecast for the Stelvio Pass in the Italian Alps calls for sleet and doesn’t sound very inviting. Fortunately, the predictions turned out to be somewhat worse than reality. One hairpin turn after another, we ascend to 9,045 feet above sea level on our way up to the Alps’ second highest pass. On the short straights when the Porsche 911 Turbo S sprints forward, we can really feel each of the 650 horsepower lurking inside the six-cylinder boxer engine in the rear. Light rain sets in every now and then, so we leave the 911’s red convertible top up for the time being. Everything feels very cozy inside, where we’re nestled into comfortable 18-way adjustable seats and surrounded by luxurious two-tone leather in Bordeaux red and black with contrasting red stitching. We’ve configured the color scheme of the Porsche Design watch we’re wearing to match this roadster.

Porsche Design’s Custom-Built program now enables buyers to individually configure chronographs online to match Porsche sports cars. There are two options. You can design your watch with a bezel, strap and contrasting stitching in any color combination you like and you can also choose among other options. There are no fewer than 1.5 million different ways to transform your ideas into stylish realities. The other option is to configure a Porsche 911, click on “further offers” and let the software suggest a wristwatch designed to look like a miniature version of your sports car. The program automatically selects a strap in the same color as your car’s interior and with a self-winding rotor to match the wheel rims, even if you chose them in your car’s color. This lets you take your Porsche along with you where lack of space would make it impossible — to your favorite bar, aboard an airplane, or into the office. ... 728bd6f117


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