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Re: Formex Essence 39

Post by Don Barzini » August 10th 2022, 6:00pm

I just got the blue dial Essence 39. It is strikingly good. In fact, it’s the most comfortable watch/bracelet on the wrist I’ve had. And for those who know that means many more expensive pieces.

I sold my entire collection and took a good few years away from watches, except a couple Citizens, Seiko Samurai, couple old Luminox. But I got into a new bang for the buck kick.

The Essence I wanted to fill a blue dial need. Was back and forth for weeks between the Mido Ocean Star 200C or the Essence. Essence won and got here today. Bang for the buck typically means pin bracelets. But this had screws, the bracelet is uber comfortable, and the case sits down well on the wrist. The whole deal isn’t heavy on the wrist. This thing is remarkably thin as well (compared to photos where I was concerned it might be clunky). The dial is well done. I’ve read comparisons to the Aqua Terra which, other than the horizontal lines, sounds ridiculous. I’ve had a blue dial Aqua Terra - I don’t see anything resembling that on my wrist now. The clasp has has a nice about 2/3 link quick extension(the links are normal half link size). Functional in the heat, but not cosmetically nice if you care about the underside of your wrist (I don’t). Chronometer. Under $1500. It’s ridiculous.

This watch is noticeable, but not obtrusive.

It’s new, so tomorrow the minute hand could fall off. I doubt it tho
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