Drake Wears $750K Erotic Watch To NBA

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Drake Wears $750K Erotic Watch To NBA

Post by TemerityB » June 12th 2019, 8:26pm

From The New York Post (I'd post a photo, but Imgur's in one of it's bi-weekly snits, apparently:

Drake‘s watch is NSFW.

The rapper, 32, attended Game 5 of the NBA Finals in Toronto, Canada, on Monday, sitting courtside to cheer on his beloved home team, the Raptors, as they faced off against the Golden State Warriors.

For the occasion, the Grammy winner donned a simple black Nike T-shirt and black track pants from the same brand — but it was his very explicit, very expensive timepiece that really stood out.

The “In My Feelings” singer wore a $750,000 Richard Mille “69 Tourbillon Erotic” watch, which features three panels capable of displaying different suggestive phrases.

The top bar can be changed to display statements like, “I want to,” “I need to,” “I long to,” “I lust to,” “I’d love to” and “Let me.” The middle bar adds in the active verbs, such as “explore,” “taste,” “kiss,” “arouse,” “devour” and “caress.” And the bottom bar gets into the specifics: “you tonight,” “your lips,” “your body,” “your nipples,” “your p—y” and “you madly.”

Drake set his to “I’d Love to Kiss Your P—y” for the sporting event.

According to the brand’s website, “Erotic timepieces are part of watchmaking history. Designers of yore played with the theme of libertinism by mechanically recreating suggestive scenes … this creation plays on the desire to openly express passion, sensuality and even sexuality.”

The description continues: “Activated on request by pressing a button at 10 o’clock, it plainly reveals the wearer’s deepest desires.”

Knowing Drake, he’s probably already had his watch customized to display his actual deepest desire: “Raptors Win NBA Championship.”

https://pagesix.com/2019/06/11/drake-we ... ba-finals/
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Post by anonymous-10 » June 13th 2019, 5:44pm

Can sombody with editing skills make it read Fuck this fucking watch?? I tried,but can't,.
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Post by anonymous-10 » June 13th 2019, 6:58pm

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Post by anonymous-10 » June 14th 2019, 6:28am


THANKS jaw!!!
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Re: Drake Wears $750K Erotic Watch To NBA

Post by MAX » January 13th 2024, 7:42am

$750,000 of Fugly. Richard Mille should be ashamed.
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Re: Drake Wears $750K Erotic Watch To NBA

Post by Nuvolari » January 14th 2024, 12:20pm

smellody wrote:
January 13th 2024, 9:57pm
Not sure what a Drake is.

Sir Francis?

And also a cannon, too.

And, too, also, a duck, too, as well.
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