Federation of Swiss Watch Industry vs US Swissese

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Re: Federation of Swiss Watch Industry vs US Swissese

Post by koimaster » August 21st 2019, 9:10am

Open the PDF and scroll to page 31 of the report or page 33 of the PDF and behold the picture embedded in the 2015 Annual Report of the Swiss Federation.



I had posted this at watchfreeks as well and the invicta fanboi enzo farti had to have his say. https://www.watchfreeks.com/10-invicta/ ... iting.html


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Isn't this ad copyrighted or something ? I was wondering how long it was gonna take you to get around to gloating after I congratulated you for finally getting what you wanted. i.e. No more "Swiss" Invicta's. But if you were paying attention. You'd know that their new offerings with Swiss movements are either marked "Swiss Mov't" or, like the one above not marked at all... Listing a "Swiss" movement as being from Switzerland is no crime. Now they admit that final assembly is taking place in China. Anything sold now that is labelled "Swiss Made" is old stock. Like you said in an earlier post. Maybe it was a corporate decision. Maybe they got tired of doing final assembly of their watches in Swiss hotel rooms. So now Invicta are playing by the rules, so for crying out loud, let it go man...

The watch listed above is a nice piece. If you know how and when to purchase Invicta's, you can get some fine watches at very nice prices. You (Koimaster) always stated that Invicta never had an original design in its whole catalog. I beg to differ. The watch above is a Subaqua Specialty. Whoever created a case/cradle design like that besides Invicta. Complete with a top notch gold plated, 13 jewel Swiss Ronda 5040D Quartz movement, triple screw down crown and function pushers and 500 meters of water resistance. Currently priced a little high but patience awards those who wait as I have never paid more than $180 for any Subaqua Specialty. I currently own six. Two with the 5040D. Four with the 8040N. Excellent watches. Great looking, excellent construction and the best quartz movements ever built. NFW currently makes a sad copy of the same watch and charges outrageous money for it. The Subaqua Noma V was awarded a red dot award in 2013 for their excellent split crown and gear operated pusher system. Plenty of original designs to be had with fine movements at great prices. After all, not everybody has your means or ego to drink Louis XIII and wear 15 grand on their wrist. (must have got a great settlement on that colon issue) Invicta and other brands (say Seiko) offer the opportunity to own good looking, well engineered watches at a reasonable price.

Movements are important to me. A sweet looking case/cradle and bracelet or strap is nothing without a good movement. Invicta uses ETA, Sellita, Seiko and Ronda movements just to name a few. If you come across the right movement (not to be confused with an ISA) in a case that makes you smile at a truly massive discount. I don't have a problem with that. However, lets take a company like C.C. Filson or Shinola that takes a lowly 515.24 "SWISS PARTS" Ronda movement. Claims it is assembled in Detroit by some minimum wage making schmuck. Changes its name to Argonite and charges four times the amount as Invicta because the watch is made in the USA... Are they not counterfeiting too ? The hypocrisy is amazing...
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Re: Federation of Swiss Watch Industry vs US Swissese

Post by TemerityB » August 21st 2019, 8:13pm

^^^^^ Wow. That is a very special breed of shit collector. Long may he reek.
WatchGeeks will go down in watch forum history as the worst watch related site that existed. Trolls, threats, bannings, and owners and sponsors talking out of their collective asses to fleece people out of hard earned money. - Koimaster
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Re: Federation of Swiss Watch Industry vs US Swissese

Post by Hawk » August 22nd 2019, 9:42am

It is perhaps amusing that once having learned that the markings on invicter dials were merely aspirational he cites the water resistance as though it was the given word.

He must have forgotten that WG was the genisis of the "hot tub of death" and "showers are tougher than diving" myths.

'Tis best to approach all IWG claims from the null hypothesis.
And the fact I'm still living rent free in his head makes me grin and giggle.
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