Steinhart Explorer Plexi LE Initial Impressions...

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Steinhart Explorer Plexi LE Initial Impressions...

Post by Thunder1 » December 2nd 2019, 4:31pm

Well, early this year Gnomon offered a Limited Edition version of their popular Explorer watch. The LE's case size is 39mm vs. 42mm & instead of a sapphire crystal, Gnomon substituted a plexiglass crystal. And they made just 300 copies of it. Hence, the moniker Explorer Plexi LE.

I've had the watch now for about 4 hours. I immediately changed out the standard bracelet for Steinhart's jubilee. Better looking and more comfortable, to boot. However, it has the same 'sticky' clasp as the standard bracelet. The pics below are what it looks like. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture the warmth that the plexi glass crystal provides.
Steinhart Explorer Plexi LE(34-300)(1).JPG
Steinhart Explorer Plexi LE(34-300)(2).JPG
My initial impressions are quite favorable. I really like its' looks and 39mm is a perfect case size for my wrist. The gold gilded hands make for a nice sight from certain angles and I think the plexiglass crystal highlights them as well as the matt black dial face.

The only complaints I have are the same that I have w/ my OVM 39...1)the bezel is overly 'tight', i.e. hard to turn..and 2) Steinhart needs to find a slicker clasp for their bracelets.

Here is a pic of the Explorer Plexi LE next to the OVM 39..
Steinhart Explorer Plexi LE & OVM39(1).JPG
And finally, here is a pic of it next to a couple of Oris Divers 65 BBs that are similar in appearance and function.
Steinhart Explorer Plexi LE & Oris 65s(1).JPG
If folks should happen to come across one of these on the market and like this type of diver in general, I think they should jump on it(if priced reasonably). Mine is #34 of 300.
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Re: Steinhart Explorer Plexi LE Initial Impressions...

Post by biglove » December 2nd 2019, 9:06pm

Looks fantastic and is the perfect size.

I have yet to find a Steinhart that didn’t bring on hand cramps and diaphoresis trying to turn the bezel. And their clasp lock might as well be bamboo shoved under your nails.

But they are well worth the $$$ asked. Wouldn’t fear it getting wet for sure.
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