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Chinese watch Museum and travels to China
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Re: Ron Good Talks Watches

Post by AlbertaTime » August 19th 2021, 5:16pm

Hi all:

Thank you all for so many kind words.

There's no venues open near where I live, so gigging is out, but i still practice both guitar and harp.

My hope is to return to China in the spring of 2022. As I've mentioned before, I don't post a lot these days because I don't buy that many new watches (only one watch purchase last year, for example), and I save my $$ to pay for my trips, but I do visit here most days and keep up with what's going on--and I still very much consider Watchlords as my home forum.

I didn't start my watch writing and collecting here, but it was here that I was best challenged, and it is here that I'm best understood.

In the watch forum world, there is no substitute for Watchclords, and no better group of collectors.

I'm grateful to East Watch Review's Brad Green, who was living in Shenzhen at the time, for travelling all the way from Shenzhen to my museum, and for bringing his very talented photographer/videographer, Kalila Snow Jan, who is now living, working and studying in Toronto but was from Guangzhou, and was living there there at the time of her visit to my place. They were both great company, and we had a memorable time.

I very much like the video that resulted.

It was also a treat communicating with Bill Sanders who also took an interest in my collection, and very kindly shared my passion with his viewers.
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