Some videos from China

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Some videos from China

Post by AlbertaTime » July 26th 2020, 2:42am

I ran into these, with subtitles, on Youtube. I picked three to show here. They're "what would you do" style videos, but taken in China.

I saw people doing small, gracious things for each other--and for me--all the time in China. And watching these made me feel like I was among those friends again.

A high school girl is ashamed that her father is a delivery man, what will passers-by do?

A girl threw fist to a young man when he yelled and hit the public cleaner

When an old man eating bread only on the street, what will people do?

There's lots more at the site, and closed captions will translate. Not everybody cares, of course, but people who do care are still everywhere.
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