June 13th, here in Fenghuang...360s...

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June 13th, here in Fenghuang...360s...

Post by AlbertaTime » June 13th 2019, 12:58am

I don't know if you all noticed (because I didn't till recently), if you're seeing these on a computer, a right-click on the image can go full screen. The usual "choose your view" at "fisheye" holds, as does move with fingers or mouse...

An alley about 5 minutes from my hotel...

https://s.insta360.com/p/aef88010d25e17 ... 1826cdaa56

Another alley, about 15 minutes away...

https://s.insta360.com/p/5a7126eb45c548 ... 3c00944acf

Near one of the bridges...

https://s.insta360.com/p/eb8229558f7874 ... a6f7c1027f

Just a pretty spot...

https://s.insta360.com/p/3f1aaa85eca03c ... e83d3fb7f3

An underground food court...

https://s.insta360.com/p/cc7c9b0fce1a57 ... b110c13dbc

View from my hotel room...

https://s.insta360.com/p/e94825093d6189 ... ee4ea5c5b5

I pack tonight, and leave for Shanghai tomorrow morning.

Photos, and not just 360s, when I get to better, more stable internet.

Really wish y'all were here.
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