Rotary Super 7 Scuba Watch Review

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Rotary Super 7 Scuba Watch Review

Post by koimaster » August 18th 2021, 3:46pm ... viewRotary Super 7 Scuba Review

Rotary is undergoing something of a renaissance. Their new owners have wrenched them from their mid-90s “catalogue watch” market position and rediscovered what made the brand great. Their last watch, the Heritage, looked great and had the specifications watch enthusiasts expect and with this new dive watch, they’ve hit the ball out of the park. It was designed in association with e-tailer, and you can tell that they’ve listened to the market, picked the key features that make a great diver’s watch, and put them together into something greater than the sum of its parts.


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Re: Rotary Super 7 Scuba Watch Review

Post by TemerityB » August 21st 2021, 3:16pm

I had no idea that Rotary has new owners. For awhile, they got in bed with Ozo, uh, Lior Ben-Schmuel in the initial days of WOW TV, selling Chinese-made watches with a bunch of subtle sneaky implying they were somehow "British made" or something like that. Maybe I heard wrong during those days.
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Re: Rotary Super 7 Scuba Watch Review

Post by 3Flushes » August 21st 2021, 3:56pm

I have one of their early, pre-crap period Swiss mechanical watches I like that still runs great on one service after about 20 + years - can't recall where I picked it up. Probably from Lior's joint..

This one, Sapphire, 300M WR and the venerable 8205 - at $300 and change, comes in at a good value for less than most souless quartz divers out there.

How bad could it be? (What ever happened to those?)
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