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Pompeak Classic Review

Posted: September 28th 2020, 8:38am
by koimaster
My first impressions of the Pompeak Classic were very positive. The box has a lovely soft feel, and the watch sits on a good quality cushion within. Presentation matters more when it comes to dress watches, and Pompeak has not cut any corners here.

Let’s deal with the elephant in the room: I’m just not sure the name “Pompeak” fits a dress watch. It might grow on me, but it first brought to mind those DHgate watches with random Anglicised names.

The Pompeak Classic wears larger than its 40mm case size would suggest thanks to its dominant dial, but the caser wears well, slimming down in all the right places. I thought that the side profile could have been a little more streamlined: the case brought to mind a dive watch rather than a dress watch – this one is more like a Rolex Explorer than a Cellini. It’s only 10.4 mm thick but looks like more because of the flat case sides.

Re: Pompeak Classic Review

Posted: September 28th 2020, 2:59pm
by MKTheVintageBloke
It has a Miyota 825S, which isn't a bad movement, but it looks like shit. It also has a display back, which has the Miyota 825S (which looks like shit) showing, which basically borders on the possibility of classifying it as a case of indecent exposure. It also has that Miyota 825S showing through an aperture in the dial, which is downright fucking obscene. That's because that movement is beyond ghastly.

That said, the watch is ghastly and looks like shit.

Re: Pompeak Classic Review

Posted: September 28th 2020, 3:22pm
by bbattle
I am not a fan of open heart watches but if you are going to show it, make sure it's worth looking at.

I prefer my Timex Marlin.