The Road Through Britain - Robert Loomes

Watches with British & Commonwealth roots
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The Road Through Britain - Robert Loomes

Post by koimaster » September 29th 2016, 9:32am

For some years now, one of the most popular graduation gifts for students living in Stamford, England, has been a mechanical watch. I'm serious. But not the kind made by Rolex, or Omega, or any other Swiss manufacture for that matter. No, teenagers have been taking their parents to the town’s local watchmaker, Robert Loomes, instead. The Robin (for men) and the Robina (for women) have been high on their most-wanted list since the Englishman started putting watches in shop windows back in 2011.

Before putting his name on watch dials, Loomes managed a successful shop that specialized in repairing and restoring antique clocks, just like his father had before him. And business was good. That’s the best part of working with old clocks – most of them eventually stop working. But Robert Loomes found wristwatches more interesting, especially English wristwatches. His father quickly steered him away though, insisting there was no money in that part of the trade. Admittedly, locals hadn’t shown much interest in watches, and, besides, clocks already gave him enough work as it was. ... ert-loomes


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