I think I did a mitzvah today

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I think I did a mitzvah today

Post by WISenheimer » May 23rd 2024, 5:49pm

Sold my 1952 King Silver Sonic cornet to a dude in Calgary, Alberta today. Young latino cat and clearly a serious musician and a seeker at this point iin his development.

For background cornet and trumpet are played the same, differ only in how the tube is wrapped and tapered. Gives them different sound but in a pinch one can replace the other.

Anyhow, we started talking music and based on his musical interests I decided to give him a tip.

I told him play Scott Joplin pieces, selected sections. He is pegged as piano music but he composed for pianos simply because that is what was in everyones living room then

Among other things he played cornet in a travelling horn band for at least 10 years before he started composing. So a lot of what you find in his music are terrific horn lines thst actually fall really nicely on cornet/trumpet and sound hipper and hotter than they ever could on a piano.

Sent him the video below, said listen to the two trumpet solos, especially the first short one before the trombone kicks in and tell me what you think

He gets back to me utterly electrified like with a new mission in life. So good days work

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