Negative eBay Trend?

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Re: Negative eBay Trend?

Post by MAX » April 18th 2024, 6:23am

DocKlock wrote:
April 18th 2024, 6:08am
MAX wrote:
April 17th 2024, 9:36am
Wait....................where do you get coffee for $1.50 ?
I'm 79, and back in the day, coffee used to be about a quarter (I think) or was always free with a meal. Yeah, in re-thinking a buck and a half -- probably should be at least $2.50 for a small cup at a Mickey D drivethru.
Found this. I remember paying 10 cents many times driving cross country while in the Air Force and later jobs, some Mom and Pop places were 5 cents. Free refills too. Stopped a lot for coffee then. Watched prices go steadly upwards like everything else. Coffee wasnt the swill it is today either. I never order coffee today but of course my GF does. Usually more than a gallon of gas.
1966 –

The members of the Austin Restaurant Association have agreed to raise the price of a cup of coffee to 15 cents. Coffee went from five cents to a dime a cup in 1950. In Rochester, restaurant owners are holding the line on the price of a cup of coffee at 10 cents.
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Re: Negative eBay Trend?

Post by Nuvolari » April 18th 2024, 10:14am

About 9 or 10 years ago Pepsi had a great jingle before the pricing had to be adjusted:

Pepsi-Cola hits the spot!
Twelve full ounces,
That’s a LOT!
That’s a LOT for a NICKEL, too!
Pepsi-Cola is the drink for YOU!
Nickel nickel nickel nickel
Trickle trickle trickle trickle

Now that I think about it, it may have been 90 to 100 years ago.

But still, that’s a fair price.
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Re: Negative eBay Trend?

Post by bbattle » April 18th 2024, 3:36pm

I used to buy a lot of old bicycles, parts and frames off eBay. Once, somebody sent me a message saying the seller of a Guerciotti frame that I was bidding on wasn't the real deal. I contacted Guerciotti's factory and got the story on the frame's tubing. They had indeed used Oria tubes on a few runs so the frame was legit. I sent the seller the info.; he'd gotten reports of this "helpful person" and used the info. to get that person kicked off eBay.

A friend of mine that owned a record store and now deals strictly online said he won't deal with jazz and classical records because the buyers are so picky about every tiny detail about the condition of the record, the jacket, and the "intensity" of the colors on the jacket. Not worth his trouble.
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