I Hope the Devil Locks the Cutlery Drawer

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Re: I Hope the Devil Locks the Cutlery Drawer

Post by WIStful » April 11th 2024, 10:35pm

It was pretty interesting in that at first he seemed ready to throw in the towel and own up to it, the slow speed chase, IIRC, some dodgy conduct, and then he flipped and decided to brazen it out. If my recollection is correct, did seem like at first he was ready to confess.

His book about If I Did It was pretty in your face move.

It was as if after absorbing the shock of whet he had actually done, he decided in the cold lihht of day that they did indeed have it it coming and he wasn't going to spend life in prison for something for which he had no remorse whatsoever.

And his public persona had been pretty clean, nothing that would have suggested he would do something like that.

Lucky for him prosecution was way outclassed by his defense team.
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