Epstein/Maxwell Document Release

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Re: Epstein/Maxwell Document Release

Post by jason_recliner » January 4th 2024, 3:56pm

codguy wrote:
January 4th 2024, 7:55am
jason_recliner wrote:
January 3rd 2024, 9:21pm
That's not a political discussion
Like your new non-political avatar underscore

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gerdson wrote:
January 4th 2024, 12:11pm
That's a lot of pages... my span of attention was not long enough to scroll downvto whatever comprehensive list the document may contain.
That being said, and no - I have not been following tjis in detail - who would be listed? I mean, someone delivering pizza to one of his "pool parties"? Or what kind of relationship justifies to be on the list?
I've been following this for years, it's been a story in the alternative media forever, even before the Miami Herald blew it up in 2018 IIRC. There weren't any new names (to me) that seem to be associated with anything untoward other than Copperfield, and he only indicated he kew what was going on, not that he was involved.

There's no comprehensive list in the source documents (no that I have found anyway) but many lists have been compiled based on the document contents. You need to be careful when looking at lists of names. Michael Jackson, for example, visited Palm Beach but that's all that's mentioned. Ehud Barak and others are mentioned in the context of asking if the plaintiff had sex with them or saw them do anything, and the answer is no. Naomi Campbell held a party that Roberts/Giuffre attended, and she was raped "near the party" by a hotel chain owner, but Campbell is mentioned, not the hotel owner's name. Some lists even include the names of the lawyers in the defamation case!
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Re: Epstein/Maxwell Document Release

Post by Nuvolari » January 4th 2024, 9:14pm

I wonder what Melinda Gates thinks about seeing her ex husbands name published? She likely knew it was coming - so, perhaps the anticipation of such an occurrence might explain why Billy is, indeed, her ex😬

I, too, am glad we didn’t see Smellody’s name in there! 😆

I’m curious about conversations Epstein may have surreptitiously recorded while doling out free rides on his Bunga Bunga plane, as gross former Italian PM Berlusconi would have surely called it.
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