The watches of Succession

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Re: The watches of Succession

Post by 3Flushes » May 28th 2023, 4:21pm

Fuck HBO in their fucking ear.

The process of acquiring props is an interesting one indeed and all are all the real deal only because the use of knockoffs would lead to extremely costly litigation and perhaps even criminal exposure.

Most such props are secured from property warehouses who supply everything imaginable including jewelry, purses, bags, business cases, messenger bags, wallets, backpacks, luggage, home and office furnishings, decor., artwork, medical / hospital sets, labs, jewelry and all manor of personal accessories, even nice writing instruments and business card holders.

I had the pleasure of providing the proprietor of such a prop palace with vintage medical equipment; doctors bags, stethoscopes, eye and ear looker-inners, blood pressure takers, microscopes, even a Groinocologist's table complete with stirrups, first aid cabinets, and Sew fourth for tremendous ROI.

Big name shit with visible labels or recognizability are generally sourced from the manufacturers for promotional consideration — we'll present your product prominently, that is. BMW and Apple are currently the biggest crack ho's of this mode of advertising. It's quite a little industry, by golly.
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