Australian Immigration Test

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Australian Immigration Test

Post by bbattle » March 28th 2023, 4:07pm

Found this whilst patrolling the internet for well written news about well made watches:

And I found this heavy journalistic piece about Alabama:

Meanwhile, the search for well-written articles about watches people actually want to wear and not only that, can afford, goes on.
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Re: Australian Immigration Test

Post by Hawk » March 30th 2023, 3:21pm

Strangely enough I’m old enough to remember Australian immigration pamphlets being handed out in the school library. They were wanting immigrants badly enough there was a program to limit costs of passage to £10 for adults with kids free if you were a Brit. The rest of us were on the hook for steerage.

I had to google it to verify my fallible memory. It was 1958 for crissakes.

70 years later and you have to give up a kidney to get in.
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