The Waffle House Index

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The Waffle House Index

Post by bbattle » October 17th 2022, 4:53pm

The Waffle House Index is an informal metric named after the ubiquitous Southern US restaurant chain Waffle House known for its 24-hour, 365-day service. This restaurant's drive to always remain open has given rise to an informal but useful metric to determine the severity of a storm and the likely scale of assistance required for disaster recovery.[1][2] It was coined by former administrator Craig Fugate of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).[3] The metric is unofficially[1][4] used by FEMA to inform disaster response.[5][6]

When I was in college, a late night trip to the Waffle House was always a GREAT idea. The food was awesome but the Waffle House in Kingdom City, Mo. was also a bus stop since it was on I-70 (a big interstate highway that goes from Pittsburgh to Denver). The people getting off that midnight bus were always straight out of a Tarrentino movie.

My buddies and I managed to drive through a snow storm to get to that Waffle House at 2 am for some grub and there must've been 50 people there. Waffle House was like a magnet during bad weather. Free coffee and hot chocolate but we had to eat what they served us. After eating, we joined a convoy of several trucks to plow through the snow back to Fulton.
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Re: The Waffle House Index

Post by Hawk » October 18th 2022, 10:30am

I didn’t know it had achieved a quasi official status but I’ve come to rely on it starting with hurricane Andrew.

Should we ever find ourselves in a Mad Max / Lovecraftian hellscape with the few remaining structures covered in drifting radioactive dust I fully expect to see a Waffle House “open” sign aglow.

Along with death and taxes Waffle House is a constant and the most agreeable of the three.
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