The Panama Hat

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The Panama Hat

Post by koimaster » March 7th 2022, 11:21am

History & How To Wear

The Panama Hat, it can be found on celebrities, explorers, world leaders, royalty and regular joes on hot summer days, whether deep in the jungle, on the sidelines of the polo field or on the streets of any major city. It is a hat that was born of the bush, used by the working man and adopted by the successful.
The Non Panama Roots

Its history, as I was to learn, began in the mid 1800’s when the Ecuadorian hat makers – where ironically true Panama Hats are hand woven – needed to sell their wares. During the California gold rush, the fastest way from the east coast was to travel by ship to Panama, cross the isthmus and catch another ship up to San Francisco. Those making the arduous journey sought relief from the oppressive sun and bought the hats made of Toquilla straw. Those gold prospectors that were successful and returned via the same route purchased new hats to accompany their new suits when walking the streets of New York and Boston. ... t-history/


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Re: The Panama Hat

Post by MAX » March 9th 2022, 11:00am

I have a Panama Jack hat. Does that count?
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