Jake Leg Blues

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Jake Leg Blues

Post by conjurer » September 7th 2021, 10:30pm

Here's a good cover of an old (1930s) blues song about the Jake Leg, one of many that documented an affliction that came upon upwards of a hundred thousand Americans during Prohibition for drinking a patent medicine called Jamaican ginger, which packed a rocket fuel punch of alcohol (interestingly, allowed by the Volstead Act) along with an industrial plasticizer, which caused a terrible palsy amongst it's many drinkers. I believe this is where my common term for drunkenness (jaked) came from in the first place.

It was well documented by the writer Dan Baum in The New Yorker in 2003; a pdf of the original article can be found here:


At the bottom of the page, the first entry under "further reading."
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