What are You reading tonight

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Re: What are You reading tonight

Post by bbattle » September 11th 2021, 12:46pm

sixer wrote:
September 9th 2021, 8:12am
MAX wrote:
August 14th 2021, 12:53pm
Tarantinos book is on my list.

"Master and Commander" by Patrick O'Brian. Going to read the whole series if I can. Difficult read due to the nautical language of the day.
If you read them in quick succession, the language sort of comes to you.

Some of Aubrey's tricks were actually executed by Cochrane, which is another good read if you can find it.
"Memoirs of a Fighting Captain", by Admiral Lord Cochrane is an excellent book. Another in the same genre is "Give Me a Fast Ship"; the birth of the US Navy during the Revolutionary War.
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