New York, 1960s

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Re: New York, 1960s

Post by MAX » August 13th 2021, 4:24am

Supposed to go there the second week in September. NOT looking forward to it. If I do go it will be the last time I ever set foot in that place but I thought I had already done that.
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Re: New York, 1960s

Post by 3Flushes » August 13th 2021, 2:55pm

Great stuff-

Seeing that footage, especially the Taft Hotel, sure brought back a lot of memories - I stayed there when I was a little kid on a trip with my grandparents. It was on 7th and 51st I think.

We took the train and from the minute we arrived at Grand Central it was as though we'd been transported to another world from the cow town I come from and have returned to.

I always miss them two, but I miss them most sorely when I get lost in an old man's nostalgias for long since spent days of wonder.
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