War Dogs, devotion, loyalty and sacrifice

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War Dogs, devotion, loyalty and sacrifice

Post by koimaster » June 30th 2021, 11:00pm

This photo, taken in 1944, on the Orote Peninsula, Guam, shows two Marines treating a wounded Dobermann of the U.S. Marine War Dog Platoon. May we never forget the devotion, loyalty and sacrifice, of these four-legged heroes.



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Re: War Dogs, devotion, loyalty and sacrifice

Post by DocKlock » July 1st 2021, 6:35am

For sure they are our "Four Legged Heroes". Countless lives were/are saved by them

Just as an aside; I read where many drug sniffing dogs may be outta work. It seems with the wide spread legalization of weed (which many of these dogs were trained on) it will be difficult for them to scent on other drugs because of the legality involved.
Many probably can't be "re-trained" to NOT scent on weed.
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