The Golden Age of Advertising

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Re: The Golden Age of Advertising

Post by 3Flushes » March 7th 2021, 3:19pm

jason_recliner wrote:
March 6th 2021, 3:40pm
Big budgets, creatives who were actually creative, and brands willing to take a risk:
Mini cecil...

The Liberty Mutual campaign is one of the most successful in the US. AIR, Statista lists them as spending $400-$500 million on advertising (as of 2018 or 19) every year, garnering 6 to 7 billion views that reel in over $44 billion in annual sales. (2019)

I believe Statista reported Geico and Progressive are the biggest insurance advertisers every year, spending $1.5billion + and $1 billion +, respectively, but garnering substantially lower Fortune 500 status and revenue for their efforts than does Liberty Mutual.

A cursory Wiki search for 2019 reports Geico takes in about $35 billion in annual sales and Progressive earns about $39 billion annually. 2019's numbers were the latest available for comparison across the three companies. In terms of round numbers then, Liberty makes about 15 to 20% more money on less than half of Geico's and Progressive's advertising spending.

Big budgets? The insurance industry sure has them. As you astutely note, however, it's creativity and risk that make those budgets well spent.
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Re: The Golden Age of Advertising

Post by bbattle » March 7th 2021, 5:01pm

You want real Truth in Advertising? It doesn't get any more real than this:

Cullman, Alabama is just down the road from where I live. Alabama has a lot of trailers; it's why we have so many tornadoes. :-)

Or maybe you prefer humor in your advertising.

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